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Experience rehearsals in Austin like never before at an affordable price!

Enjoy your own private inspiring environment with personal service from our engineers on site to take care of all your sound needs.
Experience rehearsals the way it should sound - The way you deserve!

Evil Snail Studios is a private high end rehearsal room, acoustically treated and equipped with a top of the line Dixon Drums Kit, a Full Live PA system including 2 QSC KW153 Speakers, 2 QSC KW181 Subs and 1 QSC K10 monitor.

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Service 1


Rehearsals - 


Rent by the hour -

$15 per hour (minimum 2 hours to schedule).


Austin rehearsals recording studio music production
Service 2

Live rehearsal recordings -


Just wrote an amazing part while rehearsing and wish you could record it on the spot?


No problem! for only $25 more, get a live recording stereo mixdown of your rehearsal to your email.


You don't want to miss that magical moment and want to record all 3 hours of the rehearsal to be safe? No problem! Still only $25 (on top of the rehearsal hourly rate) to get your full rehearsal 3 hours long stereo live recording.

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Services 3


Live rehearsal recordings to separate tracks -


Want to track your rehearsal to seperate tracks and mix at home?

No problem! For an extra $65 more (on top of the rehearsal hourly rate), take the whole protools session home with you and mix the seperate tracks of your live rehearsal at home.

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