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The Recording Studio 


Evil Snail Studios' state of the art acoustics were designed by Acoustic Spaces owner and chief designer Mark Genfan, may he rest in peace - Genfan was a veteran studio architectural and acoustics designer with background both in engineering and music. Within his lifetime, Genfan had created many of Texas' most renown recording and production spaces. Mark Genfan's designs include the Orb Studios, Tequila Mockingbird studios and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios to name a few.

SSL Control Room Staged 7_edited.jpg
Service 1 


Music Production / Recordings / Mixing -


At Evil Snail Studios our goal is to write great songs and produce great music at affordable prices for the artist -

Contact us now at 832-875-0277 to tell us about your project and we'll help you achieve your vision within your budget.
Please check the Mixing page for examples of recent tracks that were recorded, mixed and produced at Evil Snail Studios.

Service 2 


Drums recordings -


Want to record drums for your tracks in a professional studio and take them home to mix in your home studio?

Our flat rate for Drum recordings is $60/hour.

Need a Pro Drummer to record drums for you?
Call 832-875-0277 to find out more about Rom Gov's affordable rates for tracking drums.

Service 3 


Live recordings to seperate tracks -


You feel you and your band are ready to record live?

At $60/hour you can track your music live to separate tracks and take the tracks with you to mix at home.

At Evil Snail Studios you have the option of recording all instruments together in the main tracking room to get that nice live "dirty" sound or we can also offer different recording spaces besides the main tracking room where amps can be recorded live separately from each other, the drums, and the vocals, to get as much separation in sound as required. Call now to 832-875-0277 if you have any questions.

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