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Kfir Gov is an internationally awarded music producer, mixer and lead singer for the Electronica Rock band - Seek Irony.

Kfir is also the head Instructor of the "Advanced Music Production and Mixing" class at The Recording Conservatory of Austin.


On one hand, it is a producer's job to develop a great music product for the music industry to sell, but then on the other it is the artist's job to keep the music art that is real and true, representing what the artist believes in.

Being a musician and an artist himself, Kfir knows what it is like to be both the artist and the producer, giving him the experience and the sensitivity to be able to walk in both sides' shoes while working in the studio.


"Evil Snail Studios is not just about recording music, my goal is to help artists write and record great songs, great music and through that to find their unique voices.

Any professional artistry requires talent, we all know that - but anything intended to become great also requires time, patience, dedication and devotion combined with a lot of experience.

At Evil Snail Studios we choose to focus on the music so we give artists the freedom to focus on their art. We choose not to bill you by the hour but work with you per project, whether it's a single, an EP or an album.

My belief is that your final product reflects on my name as a producer so I strive to help you accomplish the best of what you can be and never leave a project unfinished.

I look forward to helping you achieve your vision."


Evil Snail Studios is a state of the art recording studio and high end music rehearsal room located in the beautiful country side of Manchaca in South Austin, Texas.


Artists, let your creative juices flow, draw inspiration from the vibe of the surrounding nature.


Evil Snail Studios is a perfect spot allowing artists to escape, enjoy some privacy and focus on developing and perfecting their craft.


We look forward to serving you.



Kfir Gov


Austin rehearsals recording studio music production

Rom Gov



Rom Gov is an internationally awarded session drummer and drummer of Electronica Rock band - Seek Irony.


Rom is a professional A list session drummer for hire, with a decade of experience in the music industry. Rom is an official Dixon Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Humes and Berg, Aquarian Drumheads and Los Cabos Drumsticks Artist. Rom has recorded drums on 150+ records, performing over 3000 shows with various artists in different styles of music and appeared in over 50 music videos - taking part in 100+ music projects around the globe.

"As a session drummer, I first put my focus on preparation, walking the extra mile for the client, learning the music material quickly and efficiently beforehand, so I can perfectly perform my part without wasting the client's valuable time during rehearsals and studio recordings. At the same time I'm a very easy going person. I think it's very important to be fun, easy to work with, and I try to bring the extra attention towards creativity in order to bring the added value to the project I'm taking part in."

Projects Rom has taken part in over the years:

- Matricide
- Kimberly Dunn
- Sam Sliva
- Joel Schisler

- Waterloo Revival
- Adam Hood
- Ben Draiman
- Sine

- Stitched Up
- Empty Trail

and many more...





"Working with the Gov brothers, Kfir and Rom, as well as engineer Kevin Abbenante at Evil Snail Studios has been a great experience. These guys have friendly personalities that make for a relaxed and comfortable environment in the studio. Rom is a pro Level drummer and was able to lay down drum tracks that perfectly fit my songs in just a few takes with minimal rehearsals. Kfir took my songs and was able to build them to their fullest potential according to the way I wanted them to sound. His producing style is very encouraging and open to collaberation. Both Kfir and Kevin work well together and make sure they get the takes they need to get the recordings sounding the best they can be. These are definitely the best recordings I've done up to this point in my career and I look forward to working with them again. I recommend working with this team." - Lloyd Miller.




"Working with Kfir and Kevin of Evil Snail Studios has been a very unique recording experience that I have found nowhere else. They have a unique philosophy that helps the artist get the very best out of both the session and themselves. They do not work by the hour. Rather, they focus on getting a project to its highest potential. By eliminating the stress that accompanies hourly rates, they make it much easier to focus on achieving a great performance and recording." - Collin Mullins.




"I needed a nice room to track drums and Evil Snail Studios was a great solution without breaking the bank. Evil Snail Studios is also a great place to rehearse. Great people, solid equipment, and a clean space all add up to set them apart from any other rehearsal space in town." - Joel Schisler.